Thursday, October 06, 2005

Filipino spies

As you have probably already heard, there was a spy in the White House:

Ex-Filipino Official Indicted on Charges
Former Filipino Police Official Indicted on Charges of Passing Classified Information

By MARK SHERMAN Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON Oct 6, 2005 — A former Filipino police official was indicted Thursday on charges of passing classified information from an FBI analyst to current and former officials in the Philippines.

The FBI is investigating whether the analyst, a former Marine, also provided classified information taken from the White House when he worked in the vice president's office, government officials say.

Federal prosecutors in Newark, N.J., did not seek an indictment against the analyst, Leandro Aragoncillo, 46, because he is negotiating a plea, court records show.

OK, I know what you're thinking, what does the pro-interment Filipina think of this?

A number of flippant liberals are e-mailing me now with calls for all Filipinos to be interned. Grow up. The safety of the president and the country was put at risk, and it may have been due in part to the blinders of political correctness and complacency. If it means now that the White House will be applying extra scrutiny to naturalized Americans of Filipino descent working at the top levels of government and in the military, well, yes, I support that.

Okay then. But a second issue comes to mind. What happens to the new White House chef?

After first lady Laura Bush fired the White House executive chef in February, a group of female chefs and restaurateurs sent her a letter urging her to do what no other first lady has done -- name a woman to the position.

Yesterday she did just that, selecting Cristeta Comerford, a 10-year veteran of the White House kitchen, as the new executive chef.


Comerford, a 42-year-old naturalized citizen originally from the Philippines, will also be the first representative of a minority group to hold the post of executive chef.

If I had written a book called In Defense of Internment, I would probably be demanding that the chef be shipped off to Manzanar right about now. But that would be cruel, and I couldn't do without the lumpia and pansit.

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