Thursday, October 06, 2005

Good Scums Forever

Telling tidbit from the Dartmouth College Dem's blog:

George W. Bush: Idiot or Witticist?

This weekend is the Corey Ford Rugby Clubhouse Dedication Weekend at Dartmouth. As a rugby player, this is a sweet weekend when alumns and legends return to hang out and celebrate. Additionally, we now have an awesome clubhouse. Tonight was our first opportunity to go into the completed clubhouse.

One room, adjacent to the "Old Green Bar" is our trophy room. Among our many trophies (ranging from Ivy League Champions to National Final Four to Noble Group Classic Consolation) includes a ball signed by George W. Bush, a former Yale rugger. It is signed "Good scums forever, George W. Bush." Now, either our President cannot spell "scrums" (a basic rugby term) or is a particularly vengeful, witty bastard. I'm inclined to hope for the former but believe (based on his love of inappropriate nicknames) for the latter.

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