Monday, July 11, 2005

Republican Guard invades Kuwait

Well, the stalwarts of the Truth Tour have made it to Kuwait, but they haven't seen fit to post any pictures yet. Their Fearless Leader fills us in:

I’m writing to you from Kuwait (the land Saddam Hussein raped and pillaged during the first Gulf War)—the whole gang arrived late last night,and we’re not sleeping much due to jet lag.

It’s 104 degrees at 8:30 at night. We’re taking off again at 6:30 A.M. in a military transport aircraft for Camp Victory.

Oh, that Kuwait. At least she lets us know where they are headed next: Camp Victory. It's located next to Baghdad International Airport, so if you are hoping our intrepid travelers would come face to face with a car bomb, you are out of luck. Here's where they will be roughing it tomorrow:

fun fun fun

The troops and contractors risk drowning, sunburn, and pruny fingers in the ominous shadow of a former palace belonging to Saddam Hussein (you know, the guy who raped and pillaged Kuwait).

in the sun

Dude, I have such a wedgie! The horror. The horror.

pretty fly for a white guy
Yeah, it looks pretty cushy at Camp Victory, but just try getting some Bain de Soleil Luminessence Tanning Creme at the PX. Can't be done. Let's hope the Truth Tour folks can stand roughing it here.


josh narins said...

Maybe I'm just a patriotic America, but you risked a lot of attacks from the vast left-wing conspiracy and liberal attack dogs, even your life, for bringing these facts to the table.

Why don't our troops have Bain De Soleil Luminessence Tanning Creme? Is it, as we all suspect and know, because liberals hate America and the troops?

Be strong!

No, really, where did you get all the Camp Victory snaps?

Anonymous said...

chickenshit chickhawk puss eaters

The Kenosha Kid said...

The Camp Victory pictures I found on... Free Republic! It was a 4th of July event.