Wednesday, July 13, 2005

4000 Terrorists!

Our hardy band of fair and balanced right-wing radio talkers from the Truth Tour have made it to Iraq. They have been in Iraq only one day, but they have already uncovered a shocking fact that has evaded Centcom and the "MSM":

EXCLUSIVE: Saddam Trained 4,000 Terrorists

(SACRAMENTO) – The “Voices of Soldiers” Truth Tour organized by Move America Forward (website: and RighTalk Radio Network ( has learned in an exclusive briefing that Saddam Hussein harbored approximately 4,000 terrorists in Iraq in the six months leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Iraqi Lt. General Abdul Qader Jassim told the “Voices of Soldiers” Truth Tour delegation that these Iraqi-trained terrorists were designed to undermine Iraq’s enemies, most specifically Israel and Iran. Jassim also said that many of these same individuals are believed to be involved with or assisting the terrorist insurgents seeking to undermine the current Iraq regime.

Stop the presses! This is front-page news! Oh, wait, who exactly is this Lt. General Abdul Qader Jassim?

"Speaking truth to power" is thought of as courageous. Lt. General Abdul Qader Jassim told Saddam Hussein that the Iraqi army could not withstand the coalition forces arrayed against it in the mid '90s. Then he spent the next 7 years, 4 months and 10 days in an Iraqi prison until being liberated by American troops in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Oh, now I see. This general that spent 7+ years in an Iraqi prison is now the expert on what was happening in Iraq "in the six months leading up to Operation Iraqi Freedom." Maybe I'm cynical, but this guy smells of Chalabi. But on to the pictures!

wingnut throne
First up, it's Martha Zoller of WDUN 550 AM, posing in the type of picture that enchanted Americans two years ago, before the "cakewalk" war had cost 1750 lives.

It's Lt. Col. USAF (Ret.) Buzz Patterson of the RighTalk Radio Network, in the same picture!

Well, it's night-night time as Martha Zoller goes to sleep in her air-conditioned tent. She needs some rest before she tells us more about how the liberals are undermining the troops.


Anonymous said...

I'm sure 4,000 is less than the number graduated from Bob Jones unviersity

An Iraqi said...

Try doing a little 'Googling' if you want to learn who the mysterious '4,000 terrorists' actually ARE.

A few clues:

a) Try looking for U.S. State Department terrorist groups

b) More specifically, try looking for MEK

c) Next try Googling 'protected status MEK'

d) Try Googling 'Pentagon works with terror group MEK'

e) Try Googling 'Human Rights Watch MEK torture'

e) Marvel at the fact that a terror group that Hussein made use of is now being courted, cossetted, used and supported by the U.S.A. while simultaneously being used (unnamed) to attack Hussein

f) Marvel at the fact that the MEK terrorists enjoy protected status according to the Geneva Conventions as they frolic happily with their American guards in Iraq, a status that is not extended to the thousands of Iraqis, thousands of whom are innocent of any crime, who languish in U.S. custody in Iraq despite no charges having been made agaisnt them or any due legal process initiated.

g) Reach for sick bag

h) Vomit

Anonymous said...

there are more than 4 thousand terrorists in iraq, how many amierkan troops are there? they are all fucking terrorists