Monday, July 18, 2005

Truth Tour ends!

After a long and worrisome absence, our favorite batshit crazy radio blabbers have returned from their "Truth Tour." And what Truth did they find? That liberals suck, so does the UN, and freedom isn't free.

The most radical viewpoint came from a UN worker, who didn’t want to have her name used. The day before a heinous homicide car bomb exploded in a crowd of children and families that had gathered around Americans giving out candy. The cowardly bomber waited until the children had gathered and then detonated the bomb, killing 27 children. She said it was terrible that the American soldier was giving candy to the children. Blaming an American soldier in a peaceful exchange with Iraqi children for a car bomber, who killed them, is just the kind of twisted thinking we are up against in the Global War on Terror.

What could that twisted anonymous UN worker have been thinking? What an absurd idea she had, that perhaps American soldiers who are being constantly targeted by bombers might not want to draw crowds of children in their direction during an insurgency? Well, obviously this was a French UN worker.

Some of us went to the Green Zone and went on operations with soldiers and marines inside the zone now called the International Zone.

Neat! They went on operations inside the Green/International Zone! We should be proud as Americans to have such stalwart journalists, that they would explore all of Iraq, from the Baghdad International Airport, to Baghdad, and back to the Baghdad International Airport. Picture time!

Good thing wingnuts don't believe in Depleted Uranium.

If you let us come to Iraq, we promise not to act like jackasses. Oops!

We'll obey all the military rules, and won't get in the way... D'oh!

Well, bye-bye Truth Tour, you stuck it out for two days in Iraq and told us liberals the real story that the MSM won't tell us. Maybe next time you can spend a whole year there like the real soldiers.


dancewater said...

hey, go look at my blog, and scroll down to Emailing with Martha!

Phoenix Woman said...

Kenosha Kid: A-yep. That's just about what I'd expect from those folk.

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Anonymous said...

why is the un even in iraq they shouldnt be helping the occupation so they just get hirt they should stand back and let the brown people woop some amerikan ass and then come in and make peace