Friday, March 13, 2009

Do not take His name in vain

How petty is the Republican Party? This petty:

McCain Threatens to Oppose Interior Nominee Over Reagan Remark

Oh boy. What did that dimocrat say about Saint Ronnie?

“Like Ronald Reagan before him, President Bush has embraced the Western stereotype to the point of adopting some of its affectations—the boots, brush-clearing, and get-the-government-off-our-backs bravado.”

Strong stuff. Also, demonstrably true. So what now?

Asked whether he stood by those remarks, Hayes said “the prose is overly florid, and I regret that.”

That didn’t appease McCain.

“So you had to throw Reagan in there?” McCain continued.

“I shouldn’t have done that,” Hayes said.

Way to demonstrate the courage of your convictions, fella. What profit a man to become Interior Secretary if he loseth his soul?


pansypoo said...

mcPUTZ ever the pissy pissy LITTLE boy.

Grace Nearing said...

Hmm. Without Ronald Reagan, the comparison is not a comparison. I guess he could have compared Bush to the Marlboro Man.

Curious obtuseness coming from a guy who compares himself to a horse personality type (or a James Garner TV character).

And yes, Hayes should have stuck to his guns.

pansypoo said...