Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Darwin Award Nominee of 2009

Death of an AIDS Skeptic

Christine Maggiore, an AIDS activist-turned-HIV/AIDS-skeptic, died in her home Saturday of pneumonia, according to the Associated Press.

The Los Angeles coroner's office has yet to determine if her pneumonia was AIDS-related. If it was, it could serve as an ironic end to her work, promoting the idea that there is no definite link between HIV and AIDS, and that HIV tests are inaccurate.


"They caused the death of thousands of South Africans by delaying treatment and spreading infections," said Dr. Charlie van der Horst, a professor of medicine at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Van der Horst referred to a journal study that estimated 330,000 lives were lost to new AIDS infections during the time Mbeki blocked government funding of AZT treatment to mothers.

"There is a space in hell reserved for them," said van der Horst.


Libby Spencer said...

Ah, karma. Sad but telling.

Happy New Year TKK.

pansypoo said...

but darwin doesn't get enogh stupids to really help.

thanks to lawyers. if you blow dry your hair in the shower, you deserve to die.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, Maggiore gets the long-anticipated and much deserved Darwin award.

The only tragedy is that she didn't receive it a decade ago, BEFORE she had the opportunity to convince the president of South Africa that antivirals were useless and thousands of desperate individuals that HIV is harmless and that protecting their unborn wasn't necessary.

I enjoyed a peaceful smile the day I learned she'd drawn her last breath. At the very least, she can do no more harm. And perhaps, her death will cause some folks teetering on the edge of doubt to stay the rational, orthodox course that's been proven to save and extend lives and health.

Good riddance to Christine Maggiore.