Thursday, January 01, 2009

2009 Celebrity Dead Pool

Due to popular demand, I am starting the NEW dead pool before announcing results of the OLD dead pool (hint: Wes won with Charlton Heston (6 points), Buckeye and Karin had Studs Terkel who was worth NEGATIVE six points, and mad props to Arkenor and Culture of Truth for predicting OJ would go to jail).
results are preliminary and subject to change depending on how loudly people complain

Welcome to the 2009 Celebrity Dead Pool. We are using similar rules as last year, to wit:

1. Pick ten celebrities who you think will die from 1/1/09 to 1/1/10
2. You aren't allowed to murder the celebrity.
3. The point system works like this: you get one point for every year UNDER the age of 90 that the celebrity dies at. Anyone over 90 gets negative points.
4. Whoever gets the most points, wins.


res ipsa loquitur said...

I guess Donald Westlake, Claiborne Pell, and Helen Suzman are out.

Anyway, my picks:

1. Steve Jobs
2. Elizabeth Edwards (Yes, I had her in the 2008 pool, and I'm staying with her, even if it is mean because her husband turned out to be the total fraud I always knew he was.)
3. Amy Winehouse (this is kind of a no-brainer)
4. John McCain
5. Bernard Madoff (this guy is going out the window, whether of his own volition or someone else's)
6. Bob Dylan
7. Joe Scarborough (this is wishful thinking on my part)
8. Nancy Reagan
9. Michael Vick
10. Mary Tyler Moore

ina said...

1) anne hathaway
2) elton john
3) dustin hoffman
4) paul mccartney
5) one of the olsen twins
6) charles barkley
7) karl rove
8) melissa etheridge
9) sarah palin
10) nancy pelosi

okay, i took donald trump off to put dustin hoffman on. and as for the twins, you can subtract points for not naming which one :-)

sarik said...

1. John McCain
2. Stephen Hawking
3. Ornette Coleman
4. Ted Kennedy
5. Andy Rooney
6. Henry Kissinger
7. John Goodman
8. Phyllis Diller
9. Don Rickles
10. G Gordon Liddy

Anonymous said...

1. John McCain
2. Elizabeth Edwads
3. Zsa Zsa Gabor
4. Ted Kennedy
5. Patrick Swayze
6. Dick Cheney
7. Price Philip
8. Amy Winehouse
9. Rupert Murdoch
10. G Gordon Liddy

Terry C

Supreme Commander Thor said...

1. George Bush (the idiot son)
2. George Bush (the dad)
3. Peter O'Toole
4. Britney Spears
5. Amy Winehouse
6. Magic Johnson
7. Dick Cheney
8. Chris Hutchenson
9. Ringo Starr
10. Keith Richards

Anonymous said...

Take Liddy off mine.

Put in Charles Krauthammer.

Terry C

Anonymous said...

1. 50 cent
2. Justice Stevens (I'd love to pick Scalia, but he's too mean to die)
3. Amy Winehouse
4. Heather Mills
5. Sean Avery
6. Plaxico Burress
7. Shia LeBouef (or however you spell it)
8. Lauren Bacall
9. George Takei
10. Gordon Ramsey

Buckeye ...

Anonymous said...

oh, and for jail: Levi Johnston will be joining momma in the big house.

Buckeye ...

Macacawitz said...

1) Patrick Swayze
2) John Daly (golfer)
3) Barry Manilow
4) Ron Paul
5) Jalal Talabani
6) Michael Jackson
7) John Madden
8) George Steinbrenner
9) Johnny Knoxville
10) Owen Wilson

focus said...

Gary Coleman
George Bush Sr.
Johny Carson
Robert Loggia
The guy from that one show
Gary Busey
Robert Byrd
Harry Belefonte
Kirk Douglas
Hank Williams Jr.
Everybody loves Raymond (it's personal)

HoneyBearKelly said...

1 - Prince Philip
2 - Patrick Swayze
3 - Robert Byrd
4 - Elizabeth Taylor
5 - Teri Hatcher (in a tragic plastic surgery mishap)
6 - Whitney Houston
7 - Larry King
8 - Barbara Bush
9 - David Dinkins
10 - Harry Dean Stanton

Anonymous said...

1. G HW Bush
2. Roger Ebert
3. Dick Clark
4. Brittney Spears
5. Jimmy Carter
6. Ted Kennedy
7. Kim Il Jong
8. Ariel Sharon
9. Dick Cheney
10. Henry Kissinger

sidhra said...

Desmond Tutu
Joe Paterno
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Woody Allen
Pope Benny Ratzo
Sonny Rollins
Margaret Thatcher
Henry Kissinger
George HW Bush
Roger Clemens

Anonymous said...

1) Diego Maradona
2) Yogi Berra
3) Ethel Kennedy
4) Charlie Watts
5) Maya Lin
6) Jim Cramer
7) Lakshmi Mittal
8) Roman Abramovich
9) Mikheil Saakashvili
10) Bob Dole

amok92 (gmail) occasional Eschaton troll

Roadmaster said...

Here are my ten (FWIW):

Charlie Watts
Fidel Castro
George HW Bush
Robert Downey Jr.
Lee Iacocca
Jerry Lee Lewis
Henry Kissinger
Aretha Franklin
Bob Eubanks
Circuit City

Harry R. Sohl said...

George W. Bush - the idiot son of an asshole
Barbara Bush
George H. W. Bush - the aforementioned asshole
Neil Bush
Laura Bush
Jeb Bush
Marvin Bush
Dorothy Bush
George P. Bush
Not-Jenna Bush
Jenna Bush.

Now, for the Cheneys...

then the Rumsfelds,
then the Rices,
then the Hughes,
then the Wolfowitzs,
then the Limbaughs,
then the Hannitys,
then the Kagens,
etc., etc. etc.

But only if there is a just God, after all.

And the above list proves there's not

TheOtherWA said...

Here's mine:

John McCain
Quentin Tarantino
Amy Winehouse
Rupert Murdoch
Robert Downey Jr.
Robert Duvall
Jon Voight
Jack Abramoff
Queen Elizabeth
Cloris Leachman

Anonymous said...

I'm going for points rather than quantity , I only need one to get unlucky. Ozzie's kids Jack and Julie; Mary Kate and Ashely Olsen; Christina Aguilera; Gisele Bundchen; Kirein, Macauley and Rory Culkin. ... . Last and the only one I would not feel shame for picking Unka Dick Cheney....although the Bastard will never die. He sucks life out of kittens.

theodoric of athens said...

1. Fidel Castro
2. Burt Bacharach
3. Elizabeth II
4. Dianne Feinstein
5. Ted Kennedy
6. Charlie Weis
7. Fred Thompson
8. Clint Eastwood
9. Elizabeth Edwards
10. Steve Jobs

People I put on the list and then took off:

Sonny Rollins
Ed Rollins
Henry Rollins
Tree Rollins
Burt Bacharach
Joe the Plumber
Henry Kissinger
Alberto Gonzales
Scott McClellan
Mary Matalin
Charlie Weis
Rush Limbaugh
Monica Goodling
David Crosby

theodoric of athens said...

and then, of course, Bacharach and Weis went back on.

ntodd said...

I would never participate in something so morbid, dead man.

Harry R. Sohl said...

I regret if my earlier post (@ 9:30) left the impression that Babs Bush isn't also an asshole.

pansypoo said...

how many points is abe vigoda worth?
1. abe vigoda
2. sen robert byrd. tho i hope not.
3 barB bush
4. rush lamebaugh-would be sweeeeeet
5. chris matthews
6. quinton tirantino. i bet he'd be worth points.
8. annette funachello
9. pat robertson
10. ooh, henry kissinger? NOOO DICK FUCKING CHEENEY!

pansypoo said...

i forgot novakula.

Anonymous said...

If we're getting negative points for picking people over 90, should there also be negative points for picking someone who already has a diagnosis for say, cancer? (though no negative points for someone with a death-defying lifestyle, like Britney or some rap artist)

Buckeye ...

Anonymous said...

Don Van Vliet (Captain Beefheart)
Harlan Ellison
Ted Kennedy
Fidel Castro
Sonny Rollins
Les Paul
Noam Chomsky
Kirk Douglas
Roger Ebert
Jerry Lewis

(And I LIKE everyone on this list except Lubya's girlfriend Fidel...) - bill buckner

Anonymous said...

Because Yellowstone is gonna blow.
Sucks, no one will be around to award me the points.


Wes said...

Let's see if I can defend my title.

Dick Van Dyke (he knows why)
George H. W. Bush
Elizabeth Taylor
Lindsey Lohan
Ted Kennedy
Fidel Castro
Kim Jong Il
Elizabeth Edwards
Patrick Swayze
Al Jarreau


pansypoo said...

lindsey lohan is ok now that she is embracing her gay.

dancinfool said...

1. Paula Abdul
2. Amy Winehouse
3. Elizabeth Edwards
4. Patrick Swayze
5. Andy Dick
6. Mary Kay Olsen
7. Gary Busey
8. Sylvester Stallone
9. Stephen Hawking
10. Nick Nolte

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Lohan
Mickey Rooney
Elizabeth Taylor
George HW Bush
Steve Jobs
Nancy Reagan
Morgan Freeman
Kirk Douglas
Elizabeth Edwards
Henry Kissinger

sarik said...

I'd like to add a no. 11 of JD Salinger.
He just turned 90 and I don't want to be penalized
for being right. Same with Zsa Zsa. She's 91. She can
be my no. 12.

Can I substitute Mohammed Ali for Ornette Coleman?
(though I like them both jinx intended)

Karin said...

OK, I didn't understand how this game worked last year, that's how I ended up with the negative points.
1. Dick Cheney
2. Patrick Swayze
3. Elizabeth Edwards
4. Etta James
5. Willard Scott
6. Steve Jobs
7. Bill Kristol
8. Ron Paul
9. Rush Limbaugh
10. John Goodman

Charles said...

1. Nancy Reagan
2. Paul Prudome
3. Amy Winehouse
4. Fat Joe
5. William Shatner
6. Phyllis Diller
7. Carol Channing
8. Robert Loggia
9. Carrot Top
10. Don Pardo

Libby Spencer said...

I'm going for points so I took some of the obvious old people off like Robert Byrd and Charlton Heston who I think are about done. Anyway here's my list.

1. Bob Barker
2. Doris Day
3. Farrah Fawcett
4. Peter Falk
5. Andy Griffith
6. Christopher Hitchens
7. Ed McMahon
8. Kate Moss
9. Nick Nolte
10. Nancy Reagan

Bonus tiebreaker predictions. Despite their best efforts to voluntarily join the list, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan will make it through to 2010. Dark horse contender who I might have added if I could have remembered her name is the woman who popped out those 18 children and is ready to try again.

Libby Spencer said...

Oh and people most likely to OD on drugs but I didn't add because I didn't think they quite qualified as celebrities are Peaches and Pixie Geldof.

RenoZag said...

1. Dick Clark
2. North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Il
3. Fidel Castro
4. Nancy Reagan
5. Cubs Broadcaster Ron Santo
6. Mike Wallace
7. Alan Greenspan
8. John Daly
9. Arnold Palmer
10. The Pope

Z-Man said...

Junkies can be surprisingly hardy, so I'm going to avoid Winehouse/Lohan/Spears.

1. Aretha Franklin
2. Roger Ebert
3. Ricardo Montalban
4. Nancy Reagan
5. Bernard Madoff
6. Bob Dole
7. Elizabeth Edwards
8. Tara Reid
9. Mickey Rooney
10. Patrick Swayze

sarik said...

1. Dick Clark
2. Lauren Bacall
3. Patrick Swayze
4. David Crosby
5. Brenda Lee
6. Jimmy Dean
7. Tab Hunter
8. Roger Mudd
9. Kirk Douglas (point off if i'm wrong)
10. Betty Ford (same since she's 90)

Reba said...

Trying to be less of a follower here:

1. Bob Woodward
2. Courtney Cox
3. Harrison Ford
4. Geraldine Ferraro
5. Clarence Thomas
6. Ann Coulter
7. Pete Wentz
8. Mikhail Baryshnikov
9. Courtney Love
10. Paul Walker

missy said...

1. Dick Cheney
2. John McCain
3. Karl Rove (involving auto-asphyxia and a few wetsuits, but that's probably wishful thinking)
4. Tawny Kitaen
5. Dick Clark
6. Omar Abdul-Rahman
7. Britney Spears
8. Rush Limbaugh
9. Larry Flynt
10. Roger Ailes

The Kenosha Kid said...

I was going to hold the contest open until Sinfonian got here, but it's already January 6 so I'm saying Les Jeux Sont Fais! Good luck everyone!

Anonymous said...

1. fidel castro
2. amy winehouse
3. don rickles
4. john mccain
5. nancy reagan
6. patrick swayze
7. elizabeth edwards
8. steve jobs
9. george bush (the elder)
10. ted kennedy

Will said...

1) Barack Obama
2) John McCain
3) Patrick Swayze
4) Annette Funicello
5) Mary Tyler Moore
6) Michael J. Fox
7) Ted Kennedy
8) Amy Winehouse
9) Nancy Pelosi
10)Lindsay Lohan

sarik said...

Les Jeux Sont FAIT...

(no one had Farrah)