Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Well, that worked out pretty well for us...

Flashback to 1988:

Jackson Addresses Convention of PUSH

Published: June 28, 1988

Mr. Jackson spoke of the importance of the Vice Presidency. But he said talk of ''What does Jesse want?'' obscured the growing political power of the poor and minorities.

''I'm not on a delusion,'' Mr. Jackson told about 2,000 participants. ''No one is negotiating with me. Seven million voters are being negotiated with.''

In the Democratic primaries, Mr. Jackson, who is considered a long shot for the Vice-Presidential nomination, received more than seven million votes. The 46-year-old Chicago clergyman has not said whether he wants the second spot on the Democratic ticket, but he said the position must be invested with genuine power.

Gov. Michael S. Dukakis, the probable Democratic nominee, has said he will consider Mr. Jackson for the Vice-Presidential spot.

But among the spectators at the Operation PUSH convention there was little question whether Mr. Jackson should be nominated for Vice President. And without him on the ticket, many said they would not vote.

''It would teach the Democrats a lesson,'' said Sarah Ayers, a Chicagoan, who said today that she might even vote for Vice President Bush if Mr. Dukakis does not select Mr. Jackson as his running mate.

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