Monday, February 18, 2008

College Round-up

The Culture War™ seems to be taking place on college campuses (surprise!) so here's a round-up of the important information you really need to know:

Returning Jeapordy Champion Sinfonian covers the sorry spectacle of a college president's forced 'resignation' at the hands of the intolerant right:
Sadly, President Nichol departs his office today as the victim of an ideological war that has pitted the "liberal" freedoms that our Constitution provides -- freedoms of speech and of expression, and of "the right of the people peaceably to assemble" -- against the prevailing right-wing demagoguery of those who would seek to stifle, indeed to destroy, those freedoms.
Read the whole thing, as the kids say.

In other news, wingnuts at Redstate say the craziest thing about the school shooting in Illinois:
This is why it is imperative that the students and faculty – who are pretty much everywhere at once – be allowed to carry concealed on campus. The right to self-defense should not stop at the campus gates.
That sounds like a wonderful scenario. Someone screams "Dude has a gun" and all the students whip out their concealed weapons for the inevitable free-for-all. I can't see what could go wrong there.

In lighter college news, the University of Pennsylvania had to cancel one of their "V-Day" demonstrations:
I'm so sorry to have to inform you that we will no longer be able to have a sex toy demonstration today. The woman who was going to do it took her vibrator into the bath without realizing it wasn't water-proof. Her prognosis is good, but she won't be able to share sex toy joy with the world for a while.