Sunday, October 14, 2007

Useless Idiot Watch

Here is Andrew Sullivan, on October 4th, 2002:

USEFUL IDIOT WATCH: Nick Kristof goes to Baghdad and finds people ready to attack the U.S. Quelle surprise! In a police state where the tiniest dissent on the tiniest matter can have you disappeared and tortured, Kristof deduces no support for a U.S. invasion. Let's check in and see what happens if we do invade, shall we? We have long memories in the blogosphere, Nick. And little pity.

What could possibly have gotten Sully so riled up? It was this article:

Those two women are broadly representative of Iraqis I spoke to. If American military strategy assumes popular support from Iraqis facilitating an invasion and occupation, the White House is making an error that could haunt us for years.

I'm no fan of Kristof, but bravo for calling it correctly in 2002. Since Sullivan has such a long memory, and so little pity, I can only assume he will apologize to Kristof and stop making such unbelievably stupid comments.

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