Friday, October 12, 2007

Support the Troops!

If you support Blackwater, you don't support the troops.

Troops: Blackwater Shooting "Criminal"
First U.S. Troops On Scene Found No Evidence Iraqis Fired On Guards, Report Says

(CBS/AP) The first U.S. soldiers to arrive on the scene after Blackwater USA guards shot and killed 17 Iraqi civilians at a Baghdad intersection on Sept. 16, found no evidence that the Iraqis fired any weapons at the guards, the Washington Post reported Friday.

A report compiled by the soldiers concluded that there was "no enemy activity involved" and called the incident a "criminal event," the Post reports.

"It appeared to me they were fleeing the scene when they were engaged," said Lt. Col. Mike Tarsa, whose soldiers arrived at the scene 20 to 25 minutes after the shootings ended. "It had every indication of an excessive shooting."

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