Saturday, October 27, 2007

This only proves my point!

Once again a citizen journalist of Greater Wingnuttia is taken in by a promising story that doesn't quite pan out, and once again said citizen fails to admit defeat:

Another gotcha moment the mainstream media will ignore. Leftist dahlink Geroge Soros, Democrat puppetmaster and financier, judenrat, UN pimp, drug pusher, pimp, financier of guilty terror lawyer Lynne Stewart's defense fund, election fraud criminal and now we can add Medicare embezzler to laundry list rap sheet of egregious crimes against humanity.

As you can tell from the hysterical style, it's my old friend Pammy weirdly echoing Joseph Goebbels to attack George Soros. But wait, something's wrong with the story:
As it turns out, there are two big problems with the story. First, Soros sold off his interests in the company quite a while ago. Second, WellCare is actually run by Bush Pioneers and generous Republican donors.


Heh. Indeed. But will Pam admit defeat? NEVER!

Soros no longer holds WellCare. But according to Media General News Service in January 2005:

The company's largest stockholder is Soros Private Equity Investors LP, an investment fund indirectly controlled by Soros, a fierce critic of Bush.

See, it only proves her point!! But uh, there's this, from the same article:

WASHINGTON -- Why would a Tampa company that manages health care for senior citizens and the poor contribute $100,000 to President Bush's glitzy inauguration today?

Could it be the political agenda ahead? Bush and many Republicans want more Medicare and Medicaid recipients enrolled in health-maintenance organizations, a core business of WellCare.

Or might the donation have less to do with profits than simple popularity among the company's executives for a president whose policies and views align with their own? They gave him tens of thousands of dollars during the campaign.


WellCare's largest single source of revenue: Florida, where the president's brother Jeb is governor.

This only proves... wait, what?


candymarl said...

There you go with your facts and research and such! Really!

Mad Man Mikey said...

I would stay and give a stinging and well-thought out response but the cab wicking me and my family to the relative safety of Toronto is waiting outside.

See you after the the last of these rat bastards is convicted at the Hague, say about 2012.