Sunday, October 28, 2007

"Significant quantities of uranium..."

The whole "Iran is responsible for everything bad in Iraq" story has been covered elsewhere, but never so devastatingly as in this article by Gareth Porter.

At the Feb. 11 military briefing presenting the case for this claim, one of the U.S. military officials declared, “The explosive charges used by Iranian agents in Iraq need a special manufacturing process, which is available only in Iran.” The briefer insisted that there was no evidence that they were being made in Iraq.

That lynchpin of the administration’s EFP narrative began to break down almost immediately, however. On Feb. 23, NBC’s Arraf confronted Lt. Gen. Ray Odierno, who had been out in front in January promoting the new Iranian EFP line, with the information she had obtained from other senior military officials that an increasing number of machine stops manufacturing EFPs had been discovered by U.S. troops.

Odierno began to walk the Iranian EFP story back. He said the EFPs had “started to come from Iran”, but he admitted “some of the technologies” were “probably being constructed here”.

Must read!

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