Monday, August 06, 2007

No one could anticipate

Actual photo of Bush being handed the "historical" document "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in the US."
(image stolen from Mock, Paper, Scissors)

For those of you old enough to remember when we had a real president, here is an excerpt of Bill Clinton's commencement address at the US Coast Guard Academy on May 17, 2000:

Last December, working with Jordan, we shut down a plot to place large
bombs at locations where Americans might gather on New Year's Eve. We learned this plot was linked to terrorist camps in Afghanistan, and the organization created by Osama bin Ladin, the man responsible for the 1998 bombings of our embassies in Tanzania and Kenya, which cost the lives of Americans and hundreds of Africans.

A short time later, a customs agent in Seattle discovered bomb materials being smuggled in to the U.S. -- the same materials used by bin Ladin in other places. Thankfully, and thanks to Jordan, New Year's passed without an attack. But the threat was real, and we had to cooperate with them, with the Canadians, with others throughout the world.

So the first point I wish to make is, in a globalized world, we must
have more security cooperation, not less. In responding to terrorist
threats, our own strategy should be identical to your motto: semper
paratus, always ready.

Today, I'm adding over $300 million to fund critical programs to
protect our citizens from terrorist threats; to expand our
intelligence efforts; to improve our ability to use forensic evidence,
to track terrorists; to enhance our coordination with state and local
officials, as we did over New Year's, to protect our nation against
possible attacks. I have requested now some $9 billion for
counter-terrorism funding in the 2001 budget; that's 40 percent more
than three years ago, and this $300 million will go on top of that. It
sounds like a lot of money. When you see the evidence of what we're up
against, I think you will support it, and I hope you will. (Applause.)


Diane said...

That breaks my heart. It truly does.

Thanks, TKK, for reminding us the way the world ought to be working.


Jeffraham Prestonian said...

Okay -- you've covered your ass.

madamab said...

I wasn't terrified at all when reading that speech! Plus, he actually blamed the right people and stopped attacks by cooperation and law enforcement, instead of inflaming the entire Middle East to the point of Armageddon! All while spending one/100th of the money Bush has spent on the War On Terra Terra Terra!

What in the world was the Clenis thinking?!

Oh right. I forgot. I have to hate him because he got a blow job.