Wednesday, August 08, 2007

MSM Conspiracy!!ONE!!!

A few days ago, Reuters reported a story about sixty bodies turning up in Baquba:

BAGHDAD, Aug 5 (Reuters) - Iraqi police said on Sunday they had found 60 decomposed bodies dumped in thick grass in Baquba, north of Baghdad.

There was no indication of how the 60 people had been killed, police said. Baquba is the capital of volatile Diyala province, where thousands of extra U.S. and Iraqi soldiers have been sent to stem growing violence.

Hold your horses, says Confederate Yankee. Using his mad journalistic skillz (emailing somebody in the Army who denied that bodies were found), Bob Owens refutes the story:

This is the second large-scale massacre reported in major wire services in less than six weeks that seem utterly without merit; both Reuters and the Associated Press were duped by insurgents posing as police officers who claimed 20 beheaded bodies were discovered near Um Al-Abeed on June 28.

Take that MSM! Flopping Aces jumps in with the only logical explanation for this:

But stories like the twenty beheaded Iraq's or the latest one of 60 decomposing bodies all fulfill the objective of our MSM. To ensure that everyone in America understands we are losing in Iraq.

Doesn't have to be true of course, as long as it helps the Democrats get the White House.

QED. Of course, there might be an alternate explanation on why these wire service stories out of Baquba aren't thoroughly fact-checked:

Talal Mohammed, 40, worked as both a journalist and photographer for the AP in Baqouba and had been traveling to Baghdad, 35 miles southwest, when he disappeared on July 28, the agency said in a statement.

He was with a friend aboard a bus when both were kidnapped at an illegal checkpoint near Baqouba, relatives of Mohammed told the AP. The relatives said the details of Mohammed's capture came from his friend who was later released.

"It was unclear whether Mohammed was seized because he worked for a Western news agency or for some other reason," the AP said. "Five AP employees have died violently in the Iraq war, three of whom have been killed since December."

Of course, the only reason he was kidnapped was because the MSM wants the terrorists to win.

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spocko said...

And of course Flopping Aces isn't serving in the war zone where he can get real news. He and Malkin just attack the brave AP reporters and helpers. Jerks.