Sunday, October 08, 2006

An Old Jewish Joke

There's an old jewish joke that goes like this:

It's 1939. An old Jewish man is riding on a train in the Bronx. He looks over and sees his good friend Moshe sitting across the aisle, reading a Nazi newspaper.

"Moshe!!! Have you lost your mind?!?!? Why are you reading that hateful rag?!?! "

Moshe replies, "Well, I used to read the Jewish newspapers, but what did I find? Jews being persecuted and murdered, Jews being rounded up and sent to concentration camps, Jews disappearing through assimilation and intermarriage, Jews living in poverty. So I switched to the Nazi newspaper. Now what do I find? We own all the banks! We control the media! We're rich and powerful!! We rule the world!!!

That joke came to mind when I read John Podhoretz's latest column in the NY Post:

October 6, 2006 -- THIS column is directed entirely to the sleazy, scuzzy, unprincipled and entirely Machiavellian Democratic political operative who helped design the careful plan resulting in the fingerprint-free leak of Mark Foley e-mails:


This whole Foley business is one of the most dazzling political plays in my or any other lifetime - like watching an unassisted triple play or a running back tossing a 90-yard touchdown pass on a double-reverse.

Now, when I read the liberal blogs, all I hear about is how disorganized the Democrats are, how they are constantly being steamrolled by the right-wing noise machine. In order to find out what great political schemers the Democrats are, I had to turn to an old jewish joke.

old jewish joke

And that's tonight's word.

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ellroon said...

I have commandeered your wonderful joke! It truly puts it into perspective.

Wish we were that omniscient though!