Monday, October 09, 2006

Hulk Smash!

Army launching 'Army Strong' ad campaign

By Robert Burns, AP Military Writer | October 9, 2006

WASHINGTON --In its battle to win the hearts and minds of recruiting-age Americans, the Army is replacing its main ad slogan -- "An Army of One" -- with one it hopes will pack more punch: "Army Strong."

The new approach, the fruit of a $200 million-a-year contract with a major advertising agency, was announced Monday by Army Secretary Francis J. Harvey. He said "Army Strong" will be the centerpiece of a multimedia ad campaign to be launched Nov. 9, timed to coincide with Veterans Day weekend.

Jeez. "Army of One" always sort of sucked as a slogan, but Army Strong? Couldn't they just go back to "Be all that you can be" and give me the $200 million?

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