Friday, June 30, 2006

Eli Must Be Stopped

Eli thought he was SO COOL because when you google "Gadzooky" his blog used to come up second. But after conducting some research, I found out that Eli is actually misspelling the name "GODZOOKY." So of course his blog comes up near the top. If I made up a word like "ELIZOOKY" my blog would come up near the top of that google search. Therefore ELI MUST BE STOPPED.


Eli said...


spocko said...

If for no other reason so that we can fight over the lovely and brilliant Ms. A at First Draft.
Hey, Kid. The search is of course designed to "out" me for the people at KSFO. They seem to think I'm some radio insider or some nonsense since I've written advertisers and alerted them to what their radio hosts are saying with their advertising dollars.
As you know, get between a right wing crazy and their money they get testy.

So if they write you and politely ask who I am, be sure to tell them that I'm from Vulcan, about 6-2 with pointy ears and to focus on the problem, not on the messenger.
And if they do contact you drop me a line at spockosemail @
I'd like to know who is contacting you what they want and what they think they are after me for.

Oh and to identify your self as the real kid, tell me what we shared one nice with A.
(how cloak and dagger is that!?)