Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Don't Mess With Rumsfeld

This is what happens to people who cross Rumsfeld by, you know, telling the truth:

But last spring, Gen. Riggs was retired at a reduced rank for infractions so minor that they were not even placed in his official record, according to the Baltimore Sun. The Pentagon says he ran afoul of contracting regulations. The general and his supporters say it's because he contradicted Mr. Rumsfeld by saying publicly that the Army was overstretched in Iraq and Afghanistan and needed more soldiers.

"He was given 24 hours to leave the Army," the Sun reported. "He had no parade in review, no rousing martial music, no speeches or official proclamations praising his decades in uniform, the trappings that normally herald a high-level military retirement.


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sfletcher99 said...


Because, when I told my boss he was an 'ignorant fucknugget'(I worked on the "receiving dock" at Sarcom in Columbus, OH)-- all I got was an extra $10k/yr salary in my three year "sinecure" established by a "campaign contributor", plus my full retirement package- paid for by others.

Or, maybe-- I just got fired...

What do you think?