Monday, May 15, 2006

Strange Bedfellows

I know politics makes strange bedfellows, but is a nice Jewish blogger from Long Island harboring neo-nazis on her site? "Daryl," apparently a freqent commenter at Atlas Shrugs, and the recipient of many "hat-tips," has an odd comment on a recent post:

Daryl writes, "the death-wish of relativist and indifferentialist Europe is just becoming more self-evident." And continues

In 1974, Algerian President for Life Houari BOUMEDIENNE gave a historic speech before the United Nations. He told Europe that the Third World would overwhelm and conquer them by means of immigration and that their chief weapon would be their (enslaved) womens' bodies. Europe's response?

Encourage and subsidize immigration by Moslem savages.

Until Europe rediscovers the moral certainty and pride of its historic Christian Identity, which produced the singular achievement of Modernity, it simply cannot find the Will to resist subjugation by the reawakened Classical Orient,* which possesses the confidence of its own historic identity: Despotic, Collectivist, Ahistoric, Mystical, and Unreasoning. hat tip Daryl

Does Pamela not know what Christian Identity is? Is she willing to ally with anyone to fend off the asiatic hordes? Does Daryl consider Pamela to be an asiatic horde?

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