Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Lying Liars

The faster the wheels come off the truck, the more obvious the lies the wingnuts are willing to tell. In the midst of spinning the NSA scandal into a ho-hum kerfuffle, Jack Kelly tries to change the subject to an al-Qaeda report allegedly captured in Iraq. Then he drops this whopper:

I did Nexis and Google searches. They indicated no U.S. newspaper ran a separate story about the memo, or an Iraqi roundup story highlighting the memo. I doubt this would have been the case had the memo writer said al Qaida was winning.

Really? No newspaper ran a story? What about these:

NY Times: Seized Papers Said to Show Qaeda in Iraq Is Worried

USA Today: Documents: Terrorists worry cells ineffective

Damn you, MSM!

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kdfnyc said...


fake stories planted bu US forces pretend that AQ is worried....