Thursday, March 23, 2006

Worst Person in the World

It's Michelle Malkin. Watch her sandbag Cindy Sheehan with the most wildly inappropriate question ever asked in an interview. Watch her bait a protester and mock him for eating a sandwich.

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Andy said...

Hey Kashi Kid

The Swift Boat Vets were liars? Did you know they all signed Sworn Affidavits before their comments were published in the book?

Do you have a clue?

Why did John Kerry wait till after the elections to sign form 180? Do you have a clue?
Did you know that after signing form 180 it was revealed that Bush’s college transcripts had a better GPA than Kerry’s GPA? Maybe that’s why and the fact that Kerry filled out his own “After Action Military Reports” where he received 3 PURPLE HEARTS in less than 3 months, which allowed him to leave Vietnam early. He never required hospitilazation and was deemed “fit for service” by the Doctors, but he found a loop hole to leave Vietnam in 3 months.

You want to attack conservatives, but you aren’t interested in researching the facts on Cindy Sheehan, Swift Boat Vets, or Casey Sheehan RE-ENLISTING in the Army in 2004.

Kind of disproves Cindy’s rhetoric that Casey Sheehan was “tricked” into joining the Army when he actually RE-ENLISTED and VOLUNTEERED for a rescue mission in Iraq.

Casey Sheehan's own ACTIONS have spoken louder than Cindy Sheehan's own words. Cindy only has to sign the paper work to get a FREE Grave Stone paid for by the U.S. Military, but Cindy has publicly stated her disappoinment in Casey for making the decision to enlist in the Army and then after his first 4 years of service Casey Sheehan RE-ENLISTED against his Mother's disgust with the military. She has been quoted on this.

Even if you don’t like Michelle asking the Grave Stone question does it change the fact that Cindy Sheehan had time to pose for Vanity FAir Magazine, while laying on the Casey’s Grave Site,

but Cindy “doesn’t have enough time” to sign the paper work to get him a free Grave Stone? She disgusts me.

But she did have time to shop for a new car?

And she has signed a 6 figure deal with Speaking Matters?

And she gets paid $10,000 to speak to college students about how Casey Sheehan was “tricked” into joining the Army when he actually RE-ENLSTED in 2004?

And let’s not forget her book deal.

So while she profits of her son’s death and CHOOSES to disgrace his memory she is becoming RICH.

I wonder if Cindy is donating all the money to CHARITY like the Swift Boat Vets did for their book?