Friday, March 24, 2006

We Are Heroes In Error

Michelle Malkin's backhanded apology regarding the Ben Domenech Affair reminds me of all the recent mea culpas from conservatives about the Iraq War: we're wrong, we've been wrong for quite some time, but at least we aren't unhinged moonbats.

I cheered for Ben, the editor of my last book at Regnery, when he announced his new position. I criticized unhinged bloggers on the Left who leveled vicious ad hominem attacks against him. It's clear, as the good folks at Red State (which Ben co-founded) note, that his detractors were on a search-and-destroy mission from the get-go.

But now the determined moonbat hordes have exposed multiple instances of what clearly appear to me to be blatant lifting of entire, unique passages by Ben from other writers.

Great, we're right, you're wrong, but somehow you are a better person because you are.. not angry? Not an "unhinged blogger" levelling "vicious ad hominem attacks"? Not a "moonbat horde"? Good thing she doesn't engage in ad hominem attacks.


Eli said...

Malkin is a very zen and peaceful soul, with no anger and malice anywhere in her entire being. We could all learn a few things from her serene example.

Ted said...

Is she just the epitome of evil or what? I lifted the clip for my blog. Hope this is ok.

I have a pic for you if you want it. Though I can't seem to find your contact info.

No Blood for Hubris said...

What IS a moonbat?