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Miss Maglalang posts that the "MSM" is Insane and Unhinged for covering a story about the Vice President shooting a 78 year old man in the face. Here is a quick reminder of some news coverage that no one on the right found Insane and Unhinged:

The Associated Press, May 19, 1993:

President Clinton followed in his wife's footsteps and got a haircut, but instead of going to a fashionable New York salon, he had his trimmed aboard Air Force One.

Clinton arrived home about 90 minutes late early today from a two-day trip to New Mexico and California, partly because of time spent getting a haircut during about 45 minutes aboard Air Force One sitting on an airport tarmac in Los Angeles.

The Washington Post, May 20, 1993:

Nothing would ever be the same again, from world politics to little boys' wondering why the barber has to pump that handle so hard on the side of the barber chair when office chairs and loungers move up and down with a tiny lever.

Given the news of the president's haircut, as reported in today's Reliable Source (Page D3), Americans are going to be asking a lot of questions, wondering whether we've seen yet another glum augury of the next four years.

What kind of man goes to a barber who charges $ 200 for a haircut?

What kind of man gets his hair cut by a guy named Cristophe?

What kind of man holds up the takeoff of Air Force One for 45 minutes so he can get his hair by a guy named Cristophe who also happens to be his wife's hairdresser?

CNN, May 20, 1993:

SUSAN ROOK, Anchor: Well, a presidential haircut apparently waits for nothing, not even air traffic. Air Force One became a barbershop as President Clinton was coiffed in Los Angeles Tuesday. While his plane was grounded, the haircut left others up in the air. CNN's Jill Dougherty has more.

JILL DOUGHERTY, Correspondent: Here is before, here is after. Not a big difference, but it's turning into a big deal. Tuesday, on the West Coast, the president was trying hard, as he says, 'to look like America.' Before heading home, though, he did what most Americans can't - he kept his 747 on the runway for nearly an hour while Hollywood hairdresser Monsieur Cristophe - going rate $ 200 - gave him a presidential trim. Two of Los Angeles International Airport's four runways were shut down, and two commuter flights were delayed up to 25 minutes, while Air Force One was transformed into what a Washington Post wag dubbed, 'Hair Force One.' Back at the White House, it was a bad hair day.

GEORGE STEPHANOPOULOS, White House Communications Director: I mean, the president has to get his hair cut. Everybody has to get their hair cut. I mean, if he would have stayed back-

DOUGHERTY: Republicans weren't laughing.

Rep. DAN BURTON (R-IN): That's Bill Clinton. He's really concerned about the middle class. He spent thousands of your tax dollars waiting to get a haircut for 200 bucks from Hillary's hairdresser. He ought to be more concerned about trimming the deficit than his own hair.

The haircut was discussed on five separate CNN programs that day.

Associated Press, May 20, 1993:

President Clinton's haircut aboard Air Force One delayed a couple of inbound flights at Los Angeles International Airport and shoved Beverly Hills hairdresser Cristophe into the limelight.

Cristophe spent about 45 minutes cutting Clinton's hair Tuesday, while the plane sat on a tarmac in Los Angeles...

"It was not a problem at all. These kinds of things cause virtually no interruption in operations," Reesman said. "We get VIPs here all the time."

World News Tonight, May 20, 1993:

PETER JENNINGS: Finally, as we said, we're going to return to the White House for a report on the haircut. Here's ABC's Brit Hume.

BRIT HUME: No doubt about it, on his western trip this week Mr. Clinton certainly seemed in need of a haircut. Indeed, in Los Alamos, New Mexico, before doing some TV interviews Mr. Clinton had a local barber come to the airport and trim his sideburns and neck. But the really major job had to wait until the next day when, after a busy afternoon in Los Angeles, the President boarded Air Force One to leave. He was met on board by this man - Cristophe of Beverly Hills, proprietor of a stylish hair salon. He attended to Mr. Clinton's hair while Air Force One sat on the ground for nearly an extra hour, tying up runway space and delaying other flights. As the President arrived home later, it was clear Cristophe had done his job. But there were questions today about whether the busy Los Angeles runway was the right place to do it.

Washington Post,May 21, 1993:

President Clinton, whose campaign seized with a vengeance on every sign of George Bush's distance from the lives of real people, found the tables turned yesterday. The White House staunchly defended high-rolling presidential hair care.

"The president has to get his hair cut, everybody has to get his hair cut," an exasperated White House communications director George Stephanopoulos said. He was explaining why Clinton kept Air Force One on the ground in Los Angeles for an hour Tuesday night while his hair was cut and commercial planes may have been delayed. And then why Clinton kept the plane on the ground in New Mexico for 40 minutes the day before while the presidential sideburns were trimmed.

Vice President shoots guy in face? Not worthy of coverage. President gets haircut? Media feeding frenzy. That makes sense.

(Haircut coverage courtesy of Nitpicker)

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