Sunday, February 19, 2006

More great ideas

Here are some more great foreign policy ideas from the people who brought you the fiasco in Iraq.

Michael Ledeen urges overturning regimes in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia

Michael Ledeen, a scholar-in-residence at the conservative American Enterprise Institute in Washington, delivered a public lecture Wednesday night at Princeton University in which he called for the destruction of the regimes in Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia — which he said were state sponsors of Islamic terrorism.
Mr. Ledeen's talk, given in McCosh Hall on the university campus, was a contentious one at times, with members of the audience objecting to his views and questioning the rationale underpinning his political theories. His ideas have been cited as inspiration for the Bush administration's Middle East and Iraq policies that have called for regime change and democratization to fight terrorism.

Brilliant statesmanship. Like they say in Brooklyn, "You and what army?"

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scout prime said...

Michael can lead the charge!

What an idiot. These guys never get enough.