Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Christmas Eve Blogging!

I took some pictures Christmas Eve, and now that everyone is sick of everything to do with Christmas/Secular Holiday etc. I thought I would post them.

There is free ice skating in Bryant Park. That's the New York Public Library in the background.

Fun with time exposures.

Also in Bryant Park, booths with tchotchkes for last minute gifts.

The horror. The horror.

Rockefeller Center. Not an artfully composed picture, but it really captures the feeling of being in that crowd.


Anonymous said...

loverly photos. ashamed to sday I have not visited before.

best of the new year to you, tkk.

Sarah Deere

She who shares your DNA said...

those little dollies will haunt my nights, brother.

hisstorymn said...

Nice shots, makes me almost sorry I didn't hop the "Q" and leave the safe confines of Brooklyn.

scout prime said...

I love your pics. Thanks for posting them