Monday, October 24, 2005

Germans battle 'Nazi' racoons

Germans battle 'Nazi' racoons

Germany is stepping up its battle against 'Nazi' racoons after they ruined much of this year's wine harvest.

The racoons were released into the German countryside in 1934 under the orders of Hermann Goering.

Goering thought they would "enrich" the local wildlife - but they have spread throughout Central Europe, from the Low Countries to the Urals, according to conservationists.

The nocturnal mammals have become a health hazard in many cities, where they rummage through garbage bins and invade homeowners' attics and cellars.

Now, they are becoming a threat to agriculture as well, according to farmers.

"Racoons wiped out almost the entire harvest in a matter of days," said Werner Kothe who operates a vineyard in the Brandenburg region.



Eli said...

Only thing worse than a Nazi raccoon would be an Iraqi raccoon.

Mentis Fugit said...

It's those little chittering "Sieg heil"s that drive a man mad...