Tuesday, October 25, 2005

2000 Dead in "Magnificent Success"

mAnn Coulter called the Iraq War a "magnificent success" in Florida:

Coulter defended the war in Iraq and chastised Democrats for "demoralizing America."

"The war was a magnificent success," she said. "We're a few years into the rebuilding."


In other news, the number of soldiers killed reached 2000:

Sergeant's death brings U.S. military casualties to 2,000

BAGHDAD (AP) — The U.S. military death toll reached 2,000 with the death of an Army sergeant who was wounded by a roadside bomb north of Baghdad and died in Texas last weekend.


I wonder how much more success we can afford.

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Timmer said...

It is a time to honor our heroic dead - and to recommit to the cause for which they fell.

As President Bush said today "We didn't ask for this war." I say, like our grandparents in the so-called "greatest generation," let's rise to this challenge...and let's finish it. If not for ourselves, then for our kids. And for those who have fallen.

YES, some mistakes were made - in war there are ALWAYS tragic mistakes and unforseen turns and twists. But ours is a righteous and noble cause - and in less than three years, mountains have been moved and 50 million have been liberated.