Friday, October 28, 2005


Libby indicted, resigns. But what is really shocking is the freepers' state of denial:

What we can conclude from this is that no one criminally leaked Plame's name.

I never imagined we'd see true political persecution in the US. Maybe I was just naive.

For the liberals this truly is the Nightmare of Fitzmas ... no charges for "outing" a CIA Agent so that whole lie can be shelved alongside Joe Wilson's big lies about it.

And now President Bush can finally shut down the liberal government jobs program known as the CIA. Hope it was worth it, comrades!

These people are INSANE.


Eli said...

Oi! Are you trying to muscle in on my territory???

The Kenosha Kid said...

Exactly. But so far I haven't shown up on google. Unless you count YOUR use of the 'word' Gadzooky in MY comment section.

TheaLogie said...

Never mind "Gadzooky", who invented 'Fitzmas'? If the guys at FR are using it, it might be a trend...