Saturday, October 08, 2005

Be careful what you wish for

NTodd and I have had some fun fighting over the lovely Caroline of Zendik Farms. After doing a little research, I think I am going to concede the battle and let NTodd have her.

The pressure to conform was enforced without fists, but the message was simple and driven home by fear nonetheless. I'm told they have group humiliations and public shaming routinely when members get out-of-line. They say this is necessary to 'cut through the bullshit.' I only saw it happen a few times, and only when Arol was doing the scolding did everyone gather close to condemn the victim with such hard, rapt attention. I've never seen anything like it. Rahn and I were both pretty shocked to see a grown man get a spanking and COME BACK THE NEXT DAY LIKE IT NEVER HAPPENED.


At dawn on our first all-Zendik morning, I woke up needing to use the bathroom, and realized I had no idea where to do it during daylight hours. I opened the cabin door and saw a white ass on the path directly in front of me. There was a woman attached to it. She was squatting on the gravel, urinating like a dog. Without wiping herself with anything, she hiched up her pants and walked on. She saw me come outside so I had to figure out some nice way to say good morning to a lady who pissed on the sidewalk like it weren't no thang. Most awkward moment of my life, I tell you. I peeped out a "Good morning" and spent the next hour trying to find a handy set of bushes.

She's all yours, NTodd. Good luck.

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ntodd said...

You wuss! Besides, my long-term plan is to take over Zendik, with Caroline's cooking schedule expertise, and reform it in a more pleasing image: a happy place where I can blog and podcast and be fed unpeeled grapes as I lay my head in my darling's lap. And we'll have movie nights. And indoor plumbing. And plenty of cake.