Saturday, July 02, 2005

No depth too low to sink for College Republicans

If you have ever wondered what College Republicans do to keep busy while they are avoiding serving in Iraq, this forum has a story about how the CR's successfully ratfucked a student election at UC San Diego. It's appalling:

The whole idea came together at a College Republican Meeting in the Winter Quarter of 2003. A young man (name withheld) presented an idea of screwing over the Students First! Slate (a group of candidates running together on the same platform) by forming a student club with the exact same name. The idea went that we form this club, and then during the election season file numerous complaints alleging fraudulent use of our club name.


The idea was to go to the DMV, and for whatever the cost temporarily change one of our names to the name of the Presidential candidate for the “Students First!” slate. This idea was more or less dismissed because none of us wanted to be Kevin Shawn Hsu for a year. I remember jokingly saying, “You know (name withheld), all we need to do is find another Kevin Hsu…” While walking home through the dorms later that night, (name withheld) discovered that at UCSD there was more than one Kevin Hsu. It turns out that “Hsu” is the Korean equivalent to the English “Smith”. After searching through school records, we discovered that there were a total of four Kevin Hsu’s on campus. The only problem now was to figure out a way to get at least one to run for President of UCSD.


So when the communist Kevin Shawn Hsu began to speak, Robert and I launched our attack. “COMMUNIST!!!”, “YOU’RE A GOD DAMN LIAR!!!”, “BULLSH*T!!!”, and “STOP LYING COMMUNIST!!!” were just some of the many different phrases we yelled. Since the sound system was total rubbish, no one heard what Kevin Shawn Hsu had to say. Instead they heard every last thing we had to say.



Eli said...

Jebus. Death's too good for these people.

Is it at least possible to excommunicate someone from democracy?

ntodd said...

Freedom is on the march. Right the fuck out the door. Geesh, they can't even let a student election go on without fucking with it.

"The idea was to go to the DMV, and for whatever the cost temporarily change one of our names to the name of the Presidential candidate for the “Students First!” slate."

I don't think DMV is responsible for name changes. That's usually a county court thing. Maybe it's different in CA. Whatever. They're fucking stupid and evil.

NYMary said...

This actually happened at one of my campuses. They freeped the fucking election. The kid who got freeped was Thers's student.

The punchline? The kid who did it is the nephew of our state senator. Apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

NYMary said...

Oh, and didn't Donald Segretti say that they's perfected ratfucking in student elections at Cal State or wherever he was? I think so. So it's a venerable tradition.

Daedalus said...

"Excommunicated from democracy". Excellent. I vote for it. (Of course, you could argue that they can't be excommunicated from democracy, because they don't believe in democracy...)

Mentis Fugit said...

It's just a game to them, isn't it? Like chess, but with more pawns on the board.