Monday, July 04, 2005

Bring 'em on

Stan Goff brings it on like it aint never been brung:

We are offended by the schoolyard challenge of “Bring ‘em on,” and we grow more offended with each passing day. During his publicity stunt at Fort Bragg earlier this week, some of us gathered to call out the names of the dead, and while he said – again from the comfort and security of his presidential office and his privileged private-school upbringing – “We have to stay the course,” a different “we” gave 1,744 names to “the course,” and wondered aloud why anyone would want to stay on it.

A former military police Sergeant who served in Iraq, Kelly Dougherty, was asked what she thought about staying the course, and she said, “Staying the course when you are driving home is a fine idea. Staying the course when you are on a runaway train seems like a very bad idea.” She is now a member of a growing organization called Iraq Veterans Against the War.

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