Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Rally in Support of Israel, NYC

protest cats
View down 2nd Ave

Chase Manhattan, Yitzhak Rabin Way, Israel, and the NY Yankees color coordinate. COINCIDENCE??!!1!!

"We will not be silent" sign IRONY ALERT!!

Counter-demonstrators... ANTISEMITES!!!

Pam Atlas Shrugs puts in an appearance.

"Stop Jihad" sign next to Halal Food truck.. IRONY ALERT!!


pansypoo said...

what did shakespeare say about protesting to much?

Anonymous said...

ur quite funny

res ipsa loquitur said...

Pam Atlas Shrugs puts in an appearance.

Does she ever tire of being a Five Towns stereotype?

Abe Bird said...

We all should unite to help Israel because she is the front line wall against the Islamofascists' crazy.

Btw, I love Atlas Shrugs.