Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday List-o-Mania

Most embarrassing university buildings.

Ralph Engelstad Arena, University of North Dakota. Named for late owner of the Imperial Palace Hotel & Casino in Vegas. Ralph used to throw parties for his employees on Adolph Hitler's birthday. Threatened to withdraw funding from building if Fighting Sioux nickname and/or logo were ever changed.

Frist Campus Center, Princeton. Named for ex-Senator Bill Frist. Hobbies include dissecting cats and diagnosing comatose patients from videotape. Bonus fun fact: frequently seen during exterior shots of House M.D. as the hospital House works in.

Claudia Cohen Hall, University of Pennsylvania. Named by Ron Perelman for late ex-wife Claudia Cohen, the most annoying gossipeuse ever to appear on television. Bonus points: she actually slept with Al D'Amato.

Feel free to add your favorites in comments.


Brooklyn Girl said...

We had a building named Gryzmish. I thought it was a typo when I first saw it.

Anonymous said...

You could have just began and ended with "The Ralph". That place is embarrassing.


pansypoo said...

the last one is pretty tho.

does anybody really notice these names as who they were?
tho that nazi lover wouldn't know anything after died, right? but then my 'college' was in 1 building. we did have a brooks stevens gallery.
google brooks. i did ride the elevator with him.