Sunday, March 01, 2009

Win One for the Gipper

Motivational speech, US Army style:


Serving Patriot said...

Hey TKK!

I recently saw this myself. Makes one wonder and dispair...

Tell me why we are there again? Oh yeah. To help those bleepers as this officer would say!

I said right from 2003, if we are unwilling to let our troop die in the place of any Iraqi, then we are not liberators... we are occupiers. And the USA does not do "occupation" very well. Especially when they confuse occupation with liberation.

In any case, I, for one, am more than ready to pull every single troop from Iraq. The sooner the better. For us - and them.


Anonymous said...

First thought in my mind was, "why are they putting up with this?"

But, of course, their American advisor could have called in an airstrike had they given him any back sass.

pansypoo said...

frag his stupid ass.