Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Damn you, Israel!

Sri Lanka hospital shelled for fourth time

(CNN) -- Three people were killed and 10 wounded when a hospital treating victims of Sri Lanka's civil war was shelled for a fourth time in two days, the International Committee of the Red Cross told CNN Tuesday.

Artillery shells slammed into the hospital in the northern district of Mullaittivu on Monday evening. Strikes on the hospital on Sunday -- including one that hit the pediatric ward -- left 11 people dead, including some children, according to an aid worker who spoke to witnesses.

Government forces and Tamil rebels are locked in a battle for the remaining rebel strongholds in northern Sri Lanka, where the the country's ethnic Tamil minority has been fighting for an independent homeland since 1983.

Humanitarian groups say as many as 250,000 unprotected civilians are trapped in the area. The civil war has left more than 70,000 people dead.


pansypoo said...

evolution my ass.

e said...

KK -- just stopped by to tell you I respect your efforts to inject some perspective over at the Anti-Israel Circle Jerk Society, aka FDL.

It's a losing battle though.

Also, concur wholeheartedly with the "wish I had said that" post below -- a similar piece appeared in the WaPo on Sunday. I have been absolutely appalled by the facile, smug, ignorant "they're just like the Nazis" chorus we've been hearing since the Gaza episode began.

pansypoo said...

not nazis,let's say goliath.
but palestine is looking a LOT LIKE A FUCKING GHETTO.

Abe Bird said...

Yes the palestinians are realy ghetto-izing themselves very nicely. The can get into Israel and move to the WB. They can move into Egypt although Egypt maked some difficulties... after all we are talking about nasty Islamic hard line terrorists and they know what it means.

Don't you think that the Gazan Goliath should already humanize himself?