Tuesday, November 25, 2008

NY Post strikes again

The newspaper that bring us the political wisdom of Dick "Condi vs. Hillary" Morris, Rich "We're Winning" Lowry, Michelle "Anchor Baby" Malkin, has signed Fox News liberal Kirsten Powers to add more fail to their lineup. Yesterday KP wrote the "Suck It Libs" editorial that seems to be the new black:


WHILE most of Democratic America is basking in the Obama victory glow, one contingent despairs: liberal bloggers and activists.

Shocked that the man who ran as a post-partisan candidate seeking the middle ground is being post-partisan and seeking middle ground, these people are blasting Barack Obama's early, centrist decisions.

(cut to chase)

Later, I grew up and realized that the country doesn't necessarily share all my views, that a president has to work with all sides to achieve his goals. I saw this time and time again in the Clinton years. So my (no doubt unwanted) advice to those despairing now: Take a deep breath and grow up.

Take that nasty liberal bloggers!

Brennan out of running for top intel post

5 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — John Brennan, President-elect Barack Obama's top adviser on intelligence, has taken his name out of the running for any intelligence position in the new administration.

In a letter Tuesday, Brennan wrote letter to Obama that he did not want to be a distraction. His potential appointment has raised a firestorm in liberal blogs who associate him with the Bush administration's interrogation, detention and rendition policies.

Wait, what?


pansypoo said...

the rite is just grasping at straws. they hate to think we are happy.

ThePoliticalCat said...

That'll learn ya Nazi commie homos! Or something.

pansypoo said...

they forget georgee only had his own type in the white hoiuse and look how good THAT was!

Southern Beale said...

I keep hearing that liberal bloggers are "blasting Barack Obama's early, centrist decisions," I even read it on Huffington Post. Am I missing something? I haven't read that on any of the liberal blogs I visit--not at Eschaton or Pandagon or Digby.

Maybe I'm missing something. Maybe I'm not visiting the "right" liberal blogs. Pun intended.

The conservatives need to feel good about something, I guess, so maybe the idea that lefty bloggers are disappointed in Obama makes them feel warm and snuggly.