Friday, September 26, 2008

Soldiers Spit on Hippies

In a story that is bound to be told down through the generations, the Princeton University marching band was attacked while attempting to march through The Citadel:

The altercation began when the band marched, with prior approval from The Citadel’s administration, through a guarded entrance onto the campus. The band’s traditional march through the home team’s campus brought the performers into contact with The Citadel’s cadets, who were outside for field activities.


In the skirmish that followed, several band members were physically attacked and spit on, band members said, adding that at least one member had his instrument broken.


pansypoo said...

well, they were baby killers.

Anonymous said...

The cadets are wrong, period. So I'm not blaming the victim here when I ask what the fuck is wrong with the Princeton Athletic Department, scheduling the Citadel when they could have gone after Wellesley or Connecticut College or Bennington for a non Ivy game?