Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thursday Pat Blogging

Tonight I went to see Pat Buchanan flog his new book at Borders. I learned something I never knew before: Apparently Hitler was a nice guy who just wanted to unite Germans, until that evil bastard Churchill bumbled England into a World War. Seriously, I think Pat has stumbled into David Irving territory. The audience called him on it though.

Pat attracts the follically challenged

Some gay doods who had done their homework asked Buchanan what he thought of Prescott Bush's actions during the war. Buchanan basically laughed that one off. Then someone asked Buchanan if, in the light of a recent Supreme Court ruling, he would apologize for defending John Demjanjuk. Buchanan refused to budge, basically saying that the Israeli Supreme Court proved him right. Then some 9/11 Truther (with a sweet Canon XL) wasted everyone's time.

Then the doods asked him about his new book's assertion that if England hadn't declared war on Germany, Jews in Norway, Denmark, Italy, and Greece wouldn't have perished in the Holocaust. The dood wanted to know what would have happened to Jews in Germany, Austria, and Poland. It was a great question, and Pat just fudged the answer with some stats about Jews in Germany having already emigrated.

Ein volk, ein reich!

Final note - Pat Buchanan said "I'm on MSNBC, but I'm not an Obama guy! Hey, don't quote me on that." Consider yourself quoted.


Sinfonian said...

You should have cockpunched him.

spocko said...

You know people who say, "Well if *I* was in the press corps I would have asked better questions!" forget that they aren't just asking some assistant manager at the DrugBarn, these guys are TRAINED and they are experienced in dodging and spinning.
Pat, feels that this answer doesn't even have to be real. "It's just Bunch a people in a book store. I don't own them a real answer."

One thing that I'd love to see at one of these events is a co-ordinated campaign. 5 people 2 with video cameras. Person A asks question and maybe a follow up. Pat spins. Person B notes his spin and preps for it. "Pat, your answer is REALLY unsatisfactory. I'm going to ask you the same question and please don't insult our intelligence with your attempt to laugh this off. This is serious stuff." then when he spins harder again go to Person C. "I was going to ask you a different question but clearly you can't be trusted to answer a basic question. And I'd just like to point out to the crowd and the cameras here just how hard you dodged these question. We will be putting this whole exchange up on YouTube so that people can see how duplicitous you are. This is what people need to see about Pat Buchanan. Now do you want to try again or will you attempt to whine about how people are picking on you?"

Leigh C. said...

Thursday Pat Flogging just sounds more...comforting to me somehow...oh...that's BLOGGING?...Dammit.