Sunday, March 16, 2008


keep regular

If you don't use Dr. Miles' Laxative Tablets, you are objectively pro-Saddam. Image found via Phila, whose return to blogging is as mysterious as his previous absence.

And here is a link to my new favorite blog, Scriptoids. They had the wit and taste to link to me, so they must be worthwhile.

A link to Marcellina, whose photography and tales of Austrian history appeal to me (my father had to leave that place in a hurry in 1938).

Perrspectives brings us Forever Wrong: Five Years of John McCain on Iraq

And here is the website of Richard Dawkins. I got a chance to catch him on his God Delusion Tour 2008 last night, with two Manhattan minxes by my side. You may not be that lucky, but there is still an Austin date left on the tour. He will no doubt turn it up to 11.

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