Sunday, March 09, 2008

Political Wizard Dick Morris strikes again

New York Post on February 21, 2008

Fueled by popular disgust with the Clintons’ tactics - first their use of the race issue, and now their reliance on party bosses to thwart the popular will - voters are likely to hand state after state over to Obama. It’s increasingly unlikely that Clinton will win even one of them.

Her vaunted lead in Texas, based on the huge Hispanic vote, has already vanished. Even if Clinton wins the March 4 primary, which choses two-thirds of the state’s delegates, she’ll falter in the primary-night caucuses that pick the other third. Obama’s younger, more energetic and openly enthusiastic supporters generally dominate caucuses; he can likely count on nullifying any Clinton primary win.

In Ohio and Pennsylvania, she’s based her hopes on her supposed lead among downscale, blue-collar voters. But much of her lead with this group is attributable to their lack of familiarity with Obama - and his near-weekly victory speeches on TV are filling in that gap. They’ll will inch - or pour - away from the Clinton column.

Clinton 1,459,814 51%

Obama 1,358,785 47%

Clinton 1,207,806 54%

Obama 979,025 44%

Thanks for playing Mr. Morris, enjoy your steak knives.

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four legs good said...

Well, she did lose in the caucuses here and he walked away with more delegates.

Also we had both Rush and local talk radio assholes asking rethugs to vote for Hillary in the primary. And they did so.

Of course Dick Morris is a big asshole. No question about that.