Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Jon Swift and Skippy say it's Blogroll Amnesty Day, so who am I to argue? I think the idea is to give exposure to blogs lower down the totem pole than you are, but this blog is just about as low as it gets, so I don't know who to link to. You might want to have a look at these:

Southern Beale takes on the nanny-state Republicans.

Diane at Cabdrollery sees ourselves as others see us.

Sam at History is a Weapon continues his worthwhile project of putting the best radical literature online.

Four Legs Good says kthxbai to John Edwards.


skippy said...

thanks for helping out, kenosha kid!

David Weisman said...

My reaction was exactly like yours, plus I didn't want to insult anyone by implying they had less traffic than me. I announced blogs were smaller than mine because I minimized the page before blogging about them ...

Southern Beale said...

RE: Nanny State Republicans, a wingnut blogger claims that "these types of intrusive laws will likely be commonplace if health care is taken over by the federal government." Right. Because they are so commonplace everywhere else in the world. Not.