Friday, January 04, 2008


In a broadcast that would have done Stalin proud, NBC Nightly News 'covered' the Iowa Caucus without once mentioning the name of John Edwards, who finished second place. Apparently there is a two-way battle between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. As a public service to the 60 Odd people who googled 'celebrity dead pool' to get to this blog (you are sick, morbid people and I want to have all your children), I am posting this link to the John Edwards campaign website. You are now more thoroughly informed than the average viewer of NBC Nightly News.

Here's the video It's McCain versus Romney in New Hampshire! Huckawho?


NYMary said...

Olbermann had JE on, and he said that he and Obama both represented change, as compared to Senator Clinton. Then Dana Millbank said, "I suppose he has to say that."


Karin said...

I've been all over this, and I wrote letters to the NYT reporters yesterday about their article which almost totally ignored JE.

Anonymous said...

As you many have seen last night, I commented that on Bill Moyers' Journal Kathleen Hall Jamison discussed the primary races and Iowa--without once mentioning John Edwards.


Seems the power of the MCM narrative gets even to her--and Bill Moyers!

pansypoo said...

the gnews are not on america's side. you should know that. why they tried to take down clinton, but he was too damn good at it tobe destroyed by them. the whole monica shit was a media made coup de etat.(sp).
and they are trying to take out edwards.