Saturday, January 19, 2008

Is Bill O'Reilly a Scientologist?

I'm asking this seriously. Due to the recent wacky Tom Cruise video, I have just learned that an enemy of Scientology is known as an "SP." Let MTV explain:

SP: "Suppressive Person." An SP is someone who commits suppressive acts, like murder, criticizing Scientology or altering LRH's teachings, according to former and current members. Journalists are automatically considered SPs because they traffic in bad news and so are barred from entering Scientology. Psychiatrists would also be SPs, so Cruise says, "Crush these guys! I've had it! No mercy! None! Go to guns!" as a call to arms.

You know who else refers to their enemies as SPs? Bill O'Reilly, that's who:

"Now giving sixth grade girls the pill is dumb. It doesn't protect them from disease and tacitly says that sex at that young age is understandable.
This is foolish, ridiculous, and irresponsible. But in the secular progressive world. The SP doctrine is to quote, "empower children" and downgrade parental authority because some parents are bad."

I don't want to be glib here, because I don't know the history of psychiatry, but isn't it odd that the Church of Scientology and Bill O'Reilly both seem to have a problem with prescription drugs and journalists, and both refer to their enemies as SPs?

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Anonymous said...

He answers interviewers and changes the subject and re-directs back onto the intervier just like a Scientologist, it's as if he has had their training.