Friday, November 16, 2007

The Wisdom of Dick Morris

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann, 11/15/07:

* Giuliani's No. 3 rank in the Iowa poll reflects his continuing and inexplicable failure to run TV ads there.

Dan Balz, Washington Post, 11/13/07:

For Giuliani's team, the real battle for the nomination appears to begin on Jan. 29, when Florida holds its primary, rather than on Jan. 3, when Iowa holds its caucus. DuHaime argues that Florida is the first big delegate prize of the GOP race, with 57 awarded to the winner of the state.

"We believe that whoever wins Florida will have a delegate count lead
going into" Feb. 5, he said.

DuHaime long has seen Feb. 5 as a day tailor-made for Giuliani -- a day when a number of the nation's largest states will hold primaries, including several in the former New York mayor's home region. All together, 1,038 delegates will be distributed on Feb. 5 alone.


What they're hoping is that, though they tout him as the national front-runner, any early victory will be treated as exceeding expectations, rather than merely meeting them. If they're clever enough to pull that off, Giuliani's Feb. 5 strategy will look brilliant. But if one of his rivals -- and Romney is right now best positioned for this -- wins the first three, the Republican race won't look like it does today. That's when DuHaime's theory will be put to the test.

Can someone get Dick Morris a subscription to the WaPo?

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