Friday, November 23, 2007

What didn't he know, and when didn't he know it?

Atrios' link to this Think Progress piece about Bob Woodward set me to googling more Woodward stuff. I came up with this tinfoil-hat inducing bit at Booman Tribune:

A few years back our intrepid investigative reporter Bob Woodward was on the cutting edge of information about the Clinton Administration and China. In the spring of 1998 Bob broke the story that China was trying to influence the U.S. election through carefully placed campaign contributions. Don Lambro of the Washington Times said:
The disclosure is a big breakthrough in the 18-month-old investigation, because for the first time someone has shown a paper trail of illegal campaign money from China to the United States that was intended to influence our elections. This was the story that Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward first broke and that Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson dug into before he was forced to end his hearings in December because of a one-year deadline that recalcitrant Democrats had demanded.

So, which now infamous chief of staff to a Vice President was working as a counsel to a Hill committee that happened to be investigating this story? Gee, does Scooter Libby sound familiar?

Maybe it's just me, but Scooter's name isn't the one that jumps out at me. There's another name in there that makes me think a group of guys gathered in a smoky backroom playing poker have selected all your Deciders for the next fifty years or so.

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