Wednesday, October 17, 2007


In angry message to U.S., Turkey OKs attack in Iraq

The door is now open to strikes against Kurds, but the move is consider more political than military.

By Molly Moore, Washington Post

Last update: October 17, 2007 – 9:43 PM

ANKARA, TURKEY - The Turkish parliament on Wednesday overwhelmingly authorized sending troops into northern Iraq to root out Kurdish rebels who have been conducting raids into Turkey.

Maybe they could send in Rice to defuse this whole Turkey vs. Kurds thing. MMMMMMM Turkey, curds and rice... aghaghaghaghgagh


Mad Man Mikey said...

How nice... This will be but one more mess that comes out of the era of this administration, though I wouldn't lay it at the feet of our only prez.

For my part, I wouldn't argue this in the Congress, simply because it does nothing to actually aid the Armenians and only works to fuck the Kurds, who have been fwaked too often already.

Really, condemning the Turks 100 years after the fact does nothing to improve anything. If we want to make a statement about genocide there are some active ones going on now we could impact.

ellroon said...

No longer called Turkey, but FREEDOM BIRD! With gravy, of course.

anka skakanka said...

Pozdrawiam z Polski ----<----<@