Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sunday Catblogging

There must be some point at which even the wingnuts stop taking Fox Noise seriously:

Once the presidency was over, there was no room for Socks anymore. After years of loyal service at the White House, the black and white cat was dumped on Betty Currie, Bill Clinton’s personal secretary, who also had an embarrassing clean-up role in the saga of his relationship with intern Monica Lewinsky.

Some believe the abandoned pet could now come between Hillary Clinton and her ambition to return to the White House as America’s first female president.


Clinton’s treatment of Socks cuts to the heart of the questions about her candidacy.

Stay tuned for more breaking SocksGate™ coverage

1 comment:

pansypoo said...

the most investigated president and all the republikkkans have is a blowjob and a cat?

anybody who says the clintons are dirty must be laughed at. i did encounter this on my trip.
i pooh poohed it. i should have let my fire-breathing dem out.