Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Good to be a Republican

I left this in a comment over at First Draft, but I thought it merited it's own post here (and let's face it, I don't really have that much to talk about):

Athenae points out this Free Republic post where the wingnuts are invited to a White House bbq.

The woman in the picture is a Freeper known as "Angelwood." The following is a sample of her writing from Free Republic, where she describes a protest against then President Bill Clinton:

Along about this time, we got our signs out. Pinz&needlz held up CLINTON LIES UNDER OATH and I held up CLINTON - THE BEST PRESIDENT CHINESE $$ COULD BUY. My second sign said:


What does the second sign mean? Angelwood explains:

The agent in the green parka came up to us and said he didn't understand the meaning of my sign - the one that mentions "2-Bits." Pinz&needlz laughed and told him about Paula Jones' deposition and the distinguishing characteristics of the "First Member." I added that it's diameter was described as big as a quarter or "2-Bits" at full staff.

Write an ad criticizing a general? Condemnation in the Senate and from the Beltway Elite Pundits. Accost President Clinton with a sign mocking his penis? BBQ at the Bush White House. It's good to be a Republican.

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Terry C - Bush Lovers Suck said...

"Angelwood" is a cow.

That is all.